Friday Favs, 2/20/15

Some of my favorite new submission this week:

Tara wanted rock n' roll:


...but what she got was wreck n' woe:

Aww. Play us the song of your people, little wreck!

["Wa wa WA waaaaaaaah!"]

Ok, you can stop now.


This next one inspired me to write a little verse:


Hoping            and such

                               Jo you s



And speaking of proper spacing:

That's pretty memorable.

(Give it a second.)
(Theeere it is.)


You know how some bakers like to keep an eye on their cakes?

Well, that reminded me of this older wreck:

THIS CHANGES... well, nothing.

But I thought it was funny.


Q: What's worse than using giant plastic ribbon all over the cake?

A: Not using enough.

What we have here is a basic misunderstanding of how ribbon works.


And finally, since I just realized I haven't shared a fan-made wreck in ages, here's a fun homage from Kimberly:

The best part? I give it a month before this starts popping up in "cake fail" slideshows all across the web, since the FailBuzzLOL sites never bother to read the posts they're ripping off, and keep putting up intentional fan wrecks from our archives. :D


I bet Steven's is safe, though - and yep, he actually asked the baker to write this:

That's definitely a "darned if you do, darned if you don't" situation, bakers.


[evil grin]


Thanks to Tara M., Jenna R., Mark O., Terri C., Tabatha G., Julia E., Kimberly S., & Steven B. for finally finding a wreck no one else will steal. AWWW YEAAAAAH.


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