Friday Favs 2/6/15

Some of my favorite new submissions this week:


Those bizarre "ice cream cones" are back, and this time...

...they're crapping sprinkles.


Silly bakers, can't you see you're trying too hard? I mean, just balloons would be FINE.

I can see how I walked into that one.


Rosella's office had cupcakes for a pregnant co-worker, and call me crazy, but I *think* she's having a boy:


Ever heard the saying, "This isn't 'goodbye', it's only 'farewell'?"

Huh. Well, neither has this baker:



Sometimes, when I'm out of Whoopie Pies and everything is awful, I like to remind myself, "Hey, Jen, you know what? This is someone's wedding cake:"

And suddenly life isn't so bad.

(Well, except for the no-Whoopie-Pies thing. John, get on that, will you?)


And finally, it's February, folks, so brace yourselves for the next onslaught of holiday theming:


Or is it Poo Patty Cakes? I can never quite remember...

Well, anyway, I'm sure either one gets the whole, "I love you, now eat sh*t" message across.


Hey, Sarah L., Joann F., Rosella S., Justin C., Danielle E., Tony W., & Lora E., we love you. Now eat s...ome just balloons.


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