Sunday Sweets Is Ready For LURRRVE

You guys!

Valentine's Day is just 6 days away!

So I think it's time to follow your heart...

(By That Baking Girl)

...right over here to the dessert table.


Because that's where all the giant cupcakes are:

(By Andrea's Sweet Cakes)

You know what my favorite thing about cupcakes is?
Not having to share.

Those rules still apply here, right?


I guess Valentines' IS all about sharing the love, though, so here:

(By Enna's Cake Design)



Or how about this one?

(By Sugar & Spice Gourmandise)

Hand-painted goodness!


Yep, I've got a little something for everyone. Whether you love Disney...

(By Sugar Love & Passion)


Or steampunk...

(By Sugarplum Cake Shop)


Or classic tattoos...

(By Rock Cakes)


Or ice cream shoes!

(By Cake Heart)

Believe it or not, that's based on real shoes that actually exist, my friends.

So the next time you're feeling blue, I want you to remember that there are ice cream shoes in the world. Instant mood lifter, lemme tell ya.


Another mood lifter? This engagement cake:

(By Sweet Love Cake Couture)



I've been staring at this next one forever, and I honestly can't tell if that's real lace or not:

(By Cakes by Polina Laskova)

I'll be taking opinions/guesses/bets in the comments.


Red, black, and gold may be classic, but I'm also digging this soft pink-and-gray number:

(By My Sweetart)


And last but never least, check out the insanely awesome textures on this one!

(By Precious Taarten)


Here's hoping you spend V-day with people you love, guys! Or with extra snuggly pets. Or - in a perfect world - both.

Happy Sunday!


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