My Funky Valentine

Have a special someone you want to impress this V day?

Then let these bakers teach you the language... of luuuuuurve.


On second thought, forget language.


Let's try some sexy symbolism instead. Mrowr.

Too sexy.


Too confusing.


Too serial-killer.


Aha! Just right!

Well, assuming you think love is a pile of... flower center.


I've heard Barry White is great for setting the mood.


To be fair, no one ever said what KIND of mood.


How about a gift?

Sure, they'll be picking fake fur fuzz out of their teeth for a while, but so worth it.


And hey, if all else fails:

Have some cookie cake.


Thanks to Katie C., Robyn F., Nancy L., C.H., Irene, Mab R., Jon M., Sharon W., & Rebecca C. for the Happy SAD.


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