Friday Favs 8/7/15

A few of my favorite new submissions this week:

When you're trying to order a "Balls of Fury" cake (anyone remember that movie?), only to end up with:

Now that's a WHOLE different ball game.


And speaking of balls...

Er, balloons, I mean. Balloons.

(But I bet you saw something else all limp and saggy at first, didn't you?)


I swear, I'm not doing this on purpose.

Well, ok, maybe a little.


(That's my creepy, unblinking grin face.)


And finally, here's the lovely design Kimberly ordered for her wedding cake:


Aaaand here's the photo finish she ended up with:

Shoot, talk about an unfortunate development! Not to focus on the negatives, Kimberly, but I shutter to think of such a wreck ever leaving a dark room and gaining this kind of exposure. Here's hoping it was gone in a flash.


Thanks to Lisa O., Jennifer, Amanda M., Lindsey S., & Kimberly L. for finding one for the Scrap Book.


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