Friday Favs: 7/3/15

Some of my favorite submissions this week:


Wrecky minion Catie paid her bakery $150 to make a Death Star cake something like this:

(Anyone else have a baaaad feeling about this?)


Here's what she got:


I especially like the paper cut-outs of light sabers. o.0


Over in Things That Actually Exist, here's the "One Direction Chart Topping Cupcake Kit:"

They had to make the frosting chocolate, didn't they.


Now, granted, those weren't made by a professional baker. As we all know, a professional would make that kit look truly... er...

Never mind.

(WHY IS IT SO GREEN?! *hurk*)


According to the bakery where Stacie bought it, this is a dolphin:





And finally, yes, I'm sure it's intentional, and it's probably not even new, but it made me laugh, and it's Friday, so HERE:


Thanks to Catie, Matthew C., Anne, Stacie S., & Sandra O. for inspiring everyone's next office birthday cake.


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