Friday Favs 3/31/17

Some of my favorite new submissions this week:


And they say cake decorating is dead:

It's not dead.


It's more in the process of being slowly bludgeoned to death.

Ergo the massive head injury and general fuglitude happening here.


Now let's take a rare glimpse at the Cake Wrecks Facebook Wall - because, oh yes, we're one of those ancient dinosaur sites that still has a Facebook page:

You're absolutely in the right here, Kim... but I like the way your friend thinks.


And here's one from Audrey, who used her cake to convey both an apology AND an explanation:

(Is that "poor" or "poop"? Because either works for me.)

I like it. Sweet and succinct. Maybe we should all give this technique a try.

"Sorry about the house. NETFLIX."

"Forgive the smell. TACO TUESDAY."

Or, for a one-size-fits-all approach:




Anyone else been on Giraffe Watch this month?

If not, don't bother googling. It's just some giraffe faking a pregnancy for attention.

(Also that cake is fine; I just find it funny that even bakers are getting sucked in.)



Alexandria wanted a really basic beach scene for her son's birthday cake, so she ordered this design from the book and asked the bakery to leave off the characters and flowers:

To recap: she just wanted the water and sand. That's it. (She planned to add some toy sharks later at home.)

Here's what her bakery made:



Thanks to Ken K., Katie R., Kim, Audrey O., Stephanie M., & Alexandria C. for teaching us the ocean is more of a stream, and the beach really is #1.


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