Friday Favs 3/4

Some of my favorite new submissions this week:


Here's a late Valentine's submission that TRUMPS all others:

Hmm. I'm pretty sure every joke I could make here will get me in trouble.


This is my face right now:

Also, seriously, bakers, what is the DEAL with your Ninja Turtle cakes? 0.o



If you think about it, a baby shower IS reaping what you sow...

Though doesn't that make this more appropriate for the baby's dad?

(Oooh, can we swap out "baby daddy" for "baby sower?" That is SO MUCH BETTER, you guys.
Assuming you're into plant puns. Which, c'mon, who isn't?)



More Words That Don't Mean What Bakers Think They Mean:

Bakers, you keep using that word.

Stop it.



Jenn's office ordered a cookie cake for their new employees, and asked the bakery to write, "Welcome, Noobs!" on it.

They got this:

Oh, wow - I just realized "welcome" is misspelled, too.

So... the only word they got right... is the one that wasn't supposed to be there.

Bravo, bakers. BRAVO.


Thanks to Maria C., Gary R., Yinner, Denise K., & Jenn for proving her bakers really are comma noobs.


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