Friday Favs 3/20/15

Some of my favorite new submissions this week:


There's this new Winnie-the-Pooh deco kit going around, and, uh...

That's right. Take it alllll in:

The ship's anchor, slithering through the grass.
Next to the balloon, also slithering through the grass.
Next to the... smashed... spider?

And through it all, Pooh and Tigger... staring at an ass*.

[*Sorry. "Donkey's ass."]


Here, have another one:

Now, hardcore Pooh fans will know what story this cake is failing to illustrate, but good luck explaining it to all the people backing away without breaking eye contact.

There's a life lesson in here somewhere, kids. Go find it.



Next up:

This is an actual wedding cake:

[mic drop]



Have you seen the new "wrapped cake" trend?

At this point we just have to take their word that there's actually cake in there.

(Pssst. Guys. You let a little icing spill out on the bottom there. Quick! Grab some curly ribbon!)



My favorite part is how indignant this original poster was over the misspelling. That's right, JUST THE MISSPELLING.

"Can you BELIEVE they misspelled my crapping dog cake? How could they POSSIBLY misspell a crapping dog cake? Don't people have STANDARDS anymore?!"



And finally:

The ellipsis is what really sells it.



Thanks to JJ, Tina C., Jacqueline G., Greg H., & Jessica M. for not spoiling the ending on that video. After all, we want to be surprised.


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