Sunday Sweets Glues Some Gears On It

Has it been long enough since my last Steampunk Sweets?




So it's no secret I'm a huge fan of steampunk, and I love that bakers continue to churn out rivet-licious, copper-clad, and clockwork styled beauties - like this!

(By Marina Sousa's Just Cake)

Great grinding gears, LOOK at all that detail!


But never let it be said that steampunk doesn't have a softer side:

(By Sweet Janis)

Steampunk Alice and that lacy top hat are getting ALL the girly sighs over here. Ahhhh.


Steampunk-themed weddings are still on the rise, and bakers have come up with some brilliant ways to meld the traditional with the mechanical:

(By Extreme Bakeover)

How clever is this?!


What's that, you want color?
I'll give you color:

(By Andrea's Sweet Cakes)

Woot woot! Andrea never disappoints; those rich purples and pinks are rocking my world.


Now, how about an adorable clockwork owl?

(By Het bonte taartje)


Or a whimsical patchwork rocket?

(By Roses and Bows Cakery)


Here's another spell-binder from that same bakery:

(By Roses and Bows Cakery)


Keep staring; I guarantee you'll keep finding more things to love!


There's also the subtle approach, for those who don't want gears and goggles:

(By Crazy Cakes)

Technically this is probably more Victorian or Baroque, but it would be perfect in a steampunk wedding, don't you think?


And this one works in some gears and tiny portholes, but still in a somewhat subtle way:

(By Bespoke Cakes)



(By Artisan Cake Company)

Look closely; there's actually dry ice "smoke" pouring out of the dirigible *and* the lower pipelines!
You rock ON with your bad self, Artisan Cake Company! YEAH!


And finally, another colorful gem, this time with one of the most original steampunk designs I've seen yet:

(By Sweet Delights Cakery)

Check out those oh-so-fun tentacles! And the ombre waves!

And look at the detailing on the top compass:

Plus those geared support struts? And the little windows? It's like an abstract steampunk tree house... over the ocean. LOVE IT.

Have a steamy Sunday, everyone!


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