Friday Favs 4/10/15

Some of my favorite new submissions this week:


You'll never guess what kind of party this cake was for. NEVER.

Unless maybe you can read.


Eric A. reports that someone is taking a bite INTO crime at his local grocery store:

And I shouldn't be finding this quite so funny, should I.

(Hey, we've all been there, random drive-by cake eater. We've all been there.)


Think Big Bakery doesn't read this blog? WELL THEY DO. Proof: they've finally agreed with me that most bakers can't even pipe a simple balloon, and have started providing plastic ones instead.

But don't you worry, guys: where there's a wreckerator, there's a wreck:

"They just have to add strings," they said.
"It'll be easy," they said.
"No WAY anyone could foul that up," they said.


Now, I know that Easter has already come and gone, but... hey, actually, that's a pretty good segue for this:


Suzanne assures me this is exactly how her "Easter Bread" looked straight out of the package. I don't know what they were going for - besides the obvious - but it certainly rose to the occasion, no matter how you slice it. (Maybe a cross? Thor's hammer? A bug-eyed, one-eared bunny? [....and now that's ALL you see. Ha!])

Note how I resisted making any egg jokes, you guys. NOTE IT.


And finally, over on Facebook a while back I shared this fun Godzilla Princess cake that ThinkGeek posted:

Well, CW reader David got a big kick out of it, and put in a request with his friends. But then, "they went one better," he says, "and had an even awesomer one made for my birthday."

I think Dave's right, you guys; this is pretty epic:


May your weekend be as fun as a dino in a dress, everybody.


And thanks to Bethany P., Eric A., Taryn F., Suzanne C., & David E. for the Cinderella Toy Story.


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