Sunday Sweets For Makeup Lovers

After today, ladies, you may find yourselves trying to take a bite out of your makeup brushes:

(By Roses And Bows Cakery)

Because how is that all cake?!

(And how surreal must it be to eat one of those lipstick tubes?)


Check out the powder blush on the brush on the left here:

(By Cupcake Clusters)

I think this was made to help a makeup artist advertise, but I'd be asking for the baker's card!


An impressive bottle of Chanel No. 5:

(By Symphony In Sugar)

The airbrushing is blowing my mind. Look at those shadows!


Fantastic texture on this one:

(By B Cake NY)

I'm always a fan of this style of quilting, but the sheen really makes it look like patent leather!


Having a Spa Party? Then check this Sweetness out:

(By Cake Couture)

Never in my life have I seen such perfect cakey towels, you guys. I want - no, NEED - to pinch one a little, just to convince myself they're sugar. The pumice stone, too, while I'm at it.


Speaking of which, ever had a sugar wax?

Then you deserve a cake to celebrate:

(By Kingfisher Cakes)


The most perfect giant lipstick cake I've found:

(By Elite Cake Designs)



Or, if you want one standing up:

(By Cake Central member Jovel)


On rare occasions I have to rely on the baker's watermark to convince me what I'm seeing is actually cake. This was one of those times:

(By Luna Cakes)



This one, too:

(By Laura Jane Cake Design)

As beautiful as everything here is, it's the hand-painted rose pattern that's winning my heart.


And finally, one last stunner you'll never believe is cake:

(By Ennas' Cake Design)

So perfect, from the rainbow colors to the intricately tiled cake board! Then when you consider all the metallic silver accents, the interior lid pattern, the subtle shading on the makeup brushes...! IT'S ALL TOO GOOD. Love it.


Hope you enjoyed the eye candy, everyone! Happy Sunday!


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