Hats Off - Really, REALLY Off - For Dr. Seuss!

It's Dr. Seuss' birthday!

And what better way to celebrate than with the Cat in the Hat's iconic hat?

K, bakers, that's your cue to wow us with some show-stoppers!


Well, it'll stop something, alright.

Because it looks like a traffic cone.


I thought this was pretty bad at first, but then I realized those are supposed to be Things #1 and 2 at the bottom:

So now I'm just scared.


Maybe the third time's the charm?


(Psst. Hey, baker. You spelled "splendiferous" wrong on your penis cake.)


Ok, forget the hats. After all, you've seen the best...

(By Absolutely Cake by Sebrina)


now see... this thing!

And from the looks of things, the Things are smeared all over this thing. Ew.


Thanks to Jenn N., Emily P., Mary A., & Beki G. for the thinga-ma-murders.


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