Ready, Aim...

Pink slips are so last decade, employers. This time, why not spice up your "restructuring program" with an element of fun?

Oooh, I love Quessing games! What?!


He can't even be mad, 'cuz he gets a cake out of it.




Sorry, Mike.


From another Mike, who's obviously better off:

Let's just assume this Mike was their copy editor.

It's funnier that way.


Of course, no matter how you end up leaving a job, it's never easy to say goodbye:

...or to spell "good riddance."


At least you know your co-workers will miss you!

Or... not.


And for those of you thinking of quitting via cake...

[Have fun censoring this one, John!]
[Challenge accepted. -john]


Don't be surprised if your boss decides to respond in kind:



Thanks to Cynthia C., Anony M., Mike B., Eileea P., Stephanie F., Beth H., Anony M., & Thomas B. for the first correct use of quotation marks in CW history. IT'S A "MIRACLE!"


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