When Photo Cakes Go Wrong

Karen noticed something a bit odd about her son's "sports-themed" cake:

I mean, besides it being this ugly.

Here, let's take a closer look at that top picture, shall we?


Why, yes, that IS a watermark... and a file name.

So did the baker really just grab the first thing she found on Google Image Search??

Of course not.

It's more like the 10th thing she found on Google Image Search.

I checked.

(If you'd like to play along, just type in "lacrosse sticks clipart.")


Bakers don't have to print the file name to wreck a photo cake, though.

They can also do this!


Or this!


Or the baker could leave off the image entirely, and just write the design number instead!

Trust us, Rebecca, it's better this way.


You know how, in every crime show, they always find a hidden room with a whole wall covered in newspaper clippings & creepy photo collages?


I like to think these are all the baker's victims.

"Looks like someone," [removing sunglasses] "GOT SERVED."


And finally, for you Doctor Who fans, here's how to take this famous Van Gogh print from the show:


And make a Whovian cry until they laugh:



Thanks to Karen C., Jennifer I., Mindi A., John P., Kelli, & Anony M. for taking the time.


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