Friday Favs 6/5/15

Andy wanted to keep it simple, so he asked for just 3 letters on his cake: HBD.

(I guess for SOME reason he was afraid of giving the baker anything more complicated.)

When the baker seemed confused, Andy helpfully explained that HBD was just an acronym for "Happy Birthday."

He got this:

Admit it: you're just impressed it's spelled right.


After all, there are times when a spelling flub is especially embarrassing - like at a faculty member's retirement party.

Psst. Baker.
You misspelled "Look at my bleeding poop flowers."



The intelligent mind looks at the world and demands answers:
Why are we here?
What is our purpose?
Is that Cookie Monster wearing a bikini?




As Jessica asked when she sent this in: Think it's still fresh?



You know, I bet if you asked a grocery store baker to make a neon cat face with an eggplant/platypus hybrid on it blowing bubbles into an oozing treasure chest, they'd say no.


Right there in the display case!


Thanks to Andy H., Diane A., Uffda, Jessica B., & Lee for catching Agent P out on assignment.


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