When Chocolate Turns Crappy

Yesterday we saw some stunning chocolate wedding cakes.

However, there is a dark side to chocolate - and I'm not talking the extra tasty dark chocolate side.

No, I'm talking about Unfortunately Poo-Like Usage of Ganache Decor, or U-PLUGD.

U-PLUGD is running rampant through our nation's bakeries, my friends, and causes needless snort-giggle gagging every day!


Whether it's smeary:




Splashing forth in fecally fountains:





Uhh... hang on.

What were we talking about, again?

Oh, right!


Even The Cheesecake Factory has fallen victim to U-PLUGD:

Too extreme, guys. TOO EXTREME.


And what the heck is happening here??


So, in conclusion, please don't let Unfortunately Poo-Like Usage of Ganache Decor happen to you or someone you love. Speak out. Get educated!

And maybe ask for a different border color next time.



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