Sunday Sweets: 10 Halloween Cuties

Halloween is coming, minions, but not to worry; today we're all about Sweets, not scares.

Let's set the stage with some cheerful Jack-O-Lanterns:

(By Yener's Way)


A baby bat or two:

(By Madhouse Bakes)


...and an oh-so adorable witch:

(By il Mondo di Ielle)


Which reminds me: you're gonna need a fabulous outfit, of course:

(By Cake Heart)


Plus some boo-tiful accessories!

(By Cuteology Cakes)

That bow is a scream.


Watch out for little monsters in need of hugs:

(By McGreevey Cakes)


...and dark fairies with a penchant for pointy things:

(By Pasticci di Molly, based on my friend Jasmine's art!)


Trick-or-treating black cats are fine, though.

(By The Royal Bakery)



If you're lucky enough to be celebrating a half birthday around Halloween, then I have JUST the cake for you:

(By Luna Cakes, no longer in business)

Though for the record, I've never received a half birthday cake before, and now I'm feeling kinda cheated.


Ah well, the rest of us boys and ghouls will just eat some sweets on Halloween night and, you know...
hang out.

(By Pirikos)

It'll be a frightfully good time, I'm sure.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


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