You Say Potato, I Say Potato, Your Baker Draws a Llama

This was supposed to read, "You'll Never Walk Alone"

So now it's less a promise and more... a threat?


The team is named The Bees, so they asked for a bee near first base:

Which is worse: the fact that they wrote out the instructions, or that "bee" near first base?
'Cuz I'm leaning towards the bee.


Jessica tells me she "has a thing for beards," so she asked the baker to put beards on her cookie cake.

I'm kinda with the baker on this one.


It goes great with Lauren's "Beast of Luck:"


But here's the best one: you know how it's a trend to write "You're dead to us" on goodbye cakes?

I have no idea why it's a trend, but it is.





Anyhoo, here's the very best "You're Dead To Us" cake I've ever seen:

"You're Dad To Us."

That is one stubbornly optimistic baker, you guys, and I love it.


Thanks to Kathleen H., Katrina C., Jessica S., Mark T., Kristen P., Haley O., Lesley W., & Chris D., AKA "Dad."


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