Fun And Poo-Wangs For The Whole Family!

Happy Thanksgiving, minions!

Since you're probably hanging with family today, I've decided to give you the gift that keeps on giving: Turkey Poo-Wangs.

Lots and lots of Turkey Poo-Wangs.

Ahh, but not just ANY Turkey Poo-Wangs; today I give you Turkey Poo-Wangs that look like your family members.

Was there a lot of stiff competition? Of course. Is this kinda ballsy? Heck yeah. Will there be more phallic jokes? Let's find out.


The Angry Poop-Head:

"Why is the rum always gone?!"


The "I'm Trying To Watch The Game In Here!"

"Keep it down! I can't hear the score!"


The Dazed And Confused:

"WHAT year is it?!"


The "Isn't it Wonderful We're All Here Together?"

"Group hug!"


The Sarcastic One:

"Sure, Aunt Barb, I'll get riiiight on working on my attitude."


The "Please nobody notice I'm a Gingerbread Man."

[uncomfortable, fidgety silence]


The Little Prick:

"MOM says I'm special. MOM says I can have all the pie I want. MOO-OOOOM!!"


The "Nobody Talk To Me It's Been A Long Day."

"Just... just give him the pie, Barb."


The Peace Maker:

"Now, Stu, I'm sure you didn't mean all [REDACTED] are stupid... right?"


And finally,

The "Send Help, Or At Least More Pie."

Come one, get a grip, you guys. Day's almost through.


Thanks to Vanessa R., Elizabeth F., Jacqueline G., Erin F., Joyce J., Amy W., Subdo, Dimitra, Stephanie B., & Jason L. for recommending we all Wang Chung tonight.


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