The Winter Blues... And Reds?

I know most of you are tired of winter, bakers, but did you HAVE to decapitate poor Frosty?

That's just cold.

And the blood trail is a bit much.


Here, you know what you need? A warm hug.

Or a terror-sparked run for your life.
...which can also warm you up.


Tell you what, let's brainstorm all the GREAT things about winter! Like, uh... huh. Let's see.

Oh! Well, there's the, you know, thing there.

[long pause]

On second thought, let's just brainstorm all the BAD things about summer.

Like crappy butterflies:



And streaking watermelons:

(You're disappointed this isn't a naked watermelon, I know. BUT ISN'T IT?)


And, of course, Mariachi Band Mickey Mouse:

Say what you will about his music, but this guy will really stick his neck out for you.

Granted, Mariachi Band Mickey doesn't really have anything to do with summer OR winter, but in my defense, it's 65 degrees in here and I am REALLY COLD.

I bet a hot whoopie pie would taste good right now. We should find out. Who's with me?

Thanks to Kathleen F., Jessica A., Stacie B., Jennifer T., & Lydia H., who I'm sure will understand when I say this is all I could think of with that Mickey cake:


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