Fri Favs 2/26/15

Some of my favorite new submissions this week:


Not-So-Frozen Cupcakes:

Because some people are worth melting for?

[bah dum CHA!]


Chris And The Untouchable Footwear:

It actually took me a minute to realize what this was supposed to say.
Now I feel so... empty.


A grocery chain that shall not be named is doing a big Monopoly-themed promotion this month, so naturally, they had their bakers break open a game of Monopoly... and do this:

Mmm, Crisco-soaked paper.

(Do not pass "GO," do not collect $200.



Speaking of old board games, it's pretty clear this next baker doesn't...




Words cannot describe the wild hope that seized my heart when I saw this cake:

...but sadly, I don't think that's the baker's actual credit card number.



Thanks to Aeron B., Cheree G., Jefferson L., Michelle R., & Tom S., who knows the only way to stop a charging baker... is to feel their shoes.


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