Sunday Sweet Gets Flowery

It's Floral Design Day, you guys! LETS GET OUR FLOWERS ON.

Or at least on our cakes.

(Baker unknown.)

For a fairy tale wedding, or a wedding for actual fairies? Because this is just that pretty, you guys.


(By Rosebud Cakes)

Ahh, those climbing flowers on the middle tier! And the butterflies!


(By Torte di Nadia)

Love those big loops of ribbon on the side! They remind me of a kimonos' oversized bow (aka obi), which really adds to the modern Asian aesthetic.


How about a mountain of soft pastels?

(By Amy Swann Cakes)


Or a vibrant swag of bold oranges and pinks?

(By The Mischief Maker)


I'm digging the combination of this simple looped vine and background stripes:

(By Rosalind Miller Cakes)

Great colors, too.


And speaking of color:

(By Lulu Cake Boutique)



Here's a more traditional approach, but done to perfection:

(By Sylvia Weinstock)


And this peaches-and-cream palette really pops on the dark chocolate ganache:

(By Jonathan Caleb)


I like the way these irises are arranged, and how the bottom tier is hand painted to match:

(By The Cake Whisperer)


So many gorgeous cakes this week, but I think this one's my favorite:

(By Lee Forest Design)

From the airbrushed geometric patterns to the woven greenery swirls tucked into the topper, it's one of the most uniquely stunning cakes I've seen in ages.


And finally, for the bride who wants her cake to be literally bursting with flowers:

(Baker unknown)


Such a clever combination of whimsy and elegance. Love it.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


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