A Toad-ally Awesome Leap Day Celebration

It's Leap Day, minions, so we've decided to take the completely original route of celebrating with frog cakes.

It's a frog. Honest.


The correlation between Leap Day and frogs is obvious, of course:
both are things you tend to forget unless you were born on one.

(To be fair, that'd probably also be pretty memorable for the frogs.)

[croaking sounds]


Plus, you know, frogs jump and stuff.

...when they're not getting run over.

Just like Leap Day runs over with, um, happiness?



Also like Leap Day, frogs rarely show up on calendars.

Unless you count the annual Ripped Ribbets of Reno page-a-day.
("These amorous amphibians are ready to show you their bachelor pads!")


Let's see, what else?

Ah, well, Leap Day only happens every four years, just like frogs take turns visiting me in the shower every four years.

Let's just say they're not the only ones who can hop around and scream bloody murder.


Yep, both Leap Day and frogs can catch us by surprise:



...and are hard to hold onto:


...but should always be celebrated with style:

...until someone gets peed on.

Then the party's over.

So happy birthday, Leap Day babies, and happy Leap Day to the rest of you!


Thanks to Andrea L., Katie M., Christina W., Jenny P., Lynette, Melissa M., Jen C., and Diane C. for the best ways to have a frog in your throat.


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