Friday Favs 2/5/16

Some of my favorite new submissions this week:


Anna writes, "I spelled it out three times for them over the phone."

See, there's your problem right there, Anna: that you had to spell it in the first place.


This bakery display has really captured the zeitgeist of winter:


That inexplicable feeling when your baker replaces almost all of the Rs on your cake with Cs:

I am so confused cight now, you guys. Foc ceal.


Here's this week's moment of someone-was-paid-to-do-this-like-on-purpose-no-really:

A demented smiley face...


WITH... sperm on its head!

It's a great day for America, e'erbody.


And last but not least, a tail of beauty:


...and a tail of WHOA:

So sorry, Sarah H. I hope you didn't shell out a lot of clams to make this to scale. :D
(Sea what I did there?)


Thanks to Anna H., Kathryn D., Martin G., Kristi W., Gisele M., & Sarah H. for the "mermaid-to-order" wreckage.


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