These Horrifying Peep Shows Just Retroactively Ruined Easter

Remember when Peeps were just sweet Easter treats? That was nice.


Which of these nightmarish displays will give YOU the most therapy fodder?



Innnnn this corner! Weighing in at a stiff seventy pounds of NOGAWDNO! He's freshly packed in ice and sporting his bunny ears! He's chomping through souls, sanity, and your last row of Peeps! HE IS...


[waits for blood-curdling screams and "thuds" of people fainting to fade]


A challenger appears!

In the other corner - no, uh, not that one, the one next to it - weighing in at 16 tons of fluff! He's ready to give a lickin', and good luck getting that image out of your brain ever!

He's bright pink and yellow, and his hair has never looked better! He IS lookin' at you! He'll follow you home, and refuse to take out the trash! HE IS...


Slurpin' Gherkin, the Horror Muppet!!*


Thanks to Amy K. & Laura F. for the showdown of the century.


* It was either that or Splat Flaps Slither Tongue. Better? Worse?


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