Spider-Man And Elsa Walk Into The Millennium Falcon...

Amber's twins were having a birthday, and just so we're clear, by "twins" I mean her actual children. Just covering all the bases for you long-term readers. (FLAAAAASHBAAAAACK.)

Anyhoo, since Amber is one of those awesome moms who doesn't make her kids share a cake, she ordered two. First, this Spider-Man design:

...which ended up looking surprisingly good!


Unless maybe you can read:

Why is "Spiders Man" there?
(Spiders Man says: "I'm not even supposed to be here today.")

I like how the baker combined the D and the A, though. Good space-saver.


Well, we can hope Amber's other cake came out OK, right?

Ohhh, hang on, she ordered which design?



Oh, look. Now the mountains are saggy balls with spooge on top.
::bigger sigh::
::that ends with head on keyboard::
::followed by a long moment of silence::


Of course, by now we've seen approximately three metric crap-tons of Frozen wrecks - so let's switch it up a bit and see how Vanessa fared with this new Star Wars design:

Vanessa asked the bakery to make a round version, which they said was no problem.

Uh... Wreckies?


Note Vanessa's hand holding up the cake from behind.

The cherry on top was when the baker who handed her the cake said, "There wasn't any room for decorations," and plopped down a plastic bag with all the ships and stuff in it.



Thanks to Amber S. & Vanessa B. for wreckin' it by the book.


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