A Total Bust

(Warning: Vague naughtiness ahead. Also googly eyes.)


Last week Sue Moseley had her Instagram account disabled for posting this cake:

Well, according to Instagram:

"We disable accounts that post content that is sexually suggestive or contains nudity."

Translation? They thought her cake was boobs.


Now, I could maybe understand if Sue's cake looked like this:


Or this:


Or even this:


And I'd definitely understand if her cake looked like this:

Which, as you can see from John's oh-so-helpful censoring job*, totally looks like a bug-eyed Oompa Loompa at the beach.

(Why yes, I DID only include this one to share that visual. YOU'RE WELCOME.)


Of course we here at Cake Wrecks are no strangers to being banned from social networks for posting "suggestive" cakes, so allow me to offer the following advice:

Anything vaguely nipplish or boobish will get you banned because AMERICA, and we don't need that kind of obscene obscenity on our interwebz, so just steer clear.

....unless of course it's man boobs.

Those are cool.




Or, you know, don't.


Seriously, you can stop now.



Thanks to Jenn A., Ambular B., Sarah M., Krista M., Jessica L., Ashley B., Lisa C., & Jen S., who is not happy to see us, and after that, who could blame her?

*Note from john: I'm just glad I was able to save you all from seeing obscene obscenity. You're welcome.


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