A Letter Wrong And A Holler Short

When you get like 99% of it right, but all anyone can talk about is that ONE LITTLE MISTAKE:

Home bun!


Her name is Lacy:

Guess why she didn't go back to get it fixed.

Because she was LATE, that's why.
Sheesh, you people.


A true test of Dad's skills:


The best part of this next one? This was the counter display:

For someone who really doesn't like lemons.

(Is this like "Batter up?" Should we ask a couple Fluggers to weigh in?)

(And what's with the little hash marks on the right? Are the letters R and P demonstrating proper Puker technique?)


Alas, we must leave the great Puker Debate for now, because... IT'S TIME.

What time, you ask?


Awwwww yeeeeeah.

Right, one of you start wailing on the harpsichord, someone else roast up a bushel of sheep dongs, and the rest of us are gonna go get shot by a crossbow and/or die of plague.

("Man, this themed party suuuuucks.")


Thanks to Kathryn D., Lacy A., Judi S., Zanna F., & Ivy B. for going medieval on us.


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