Wrecky Mountain Highway

For some reason Courtney wasn't happy with the "mountains" she requested on her son's birthday cake:

Can't imagine why.


So she went back and explained she'd actually wanted RAISED mountains, not just flat drawings.

Happily, the bakery agreed to fix the cake.

And here's the finished result:

Not gonna lie; this made me laugh way longer than it should have. I keep picturing a baker with an ice cream scoop, a big tub of icing, and a deadpan expression. Bwahahaha!



But don't you worry, Courtney; I AM HERE TO HELP.

Check out some of the other "mountains" your fellow wrecky minions have sent in:


(I hear the hiking there is really crappy.)


(Oh, Frozen cake kit, why can't we quit you?)


And my personal favorite:

Mount Bakkaladeezhed.


There, Courtney, don't you feel better?


Thanks to Courtney G., Jessica G., Elaine S., Jeff D., & Kate V. for the sneak peaks.


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