Something Punny About Literals

Just when you think the age of hilarious literal cakes is over, that bakers have all caught wind of this blog and therefore wised up to writing the order instructions ON the cake... you get a glorious triple-header in one week.

Life... IS GOOD.

I like how the baker put the crown over the "Inside the Heart" part.

It's like, somehow, on some level, she knew.


Then there's the classic "covering all the bases" approach:



I kind of desperately want this last one to be intentional on the baker's part, because I can actually respect the sort of passive-aggressive snark it would take to do this on purpose:

See, when Susan ordered, she made a point of asking for decent handwriting.
Guess how she phrased it.


Thanks Teri B., Kristie, and Susan L. for renewing my faith in wreckerators. The age of Under Neat Thats lives on! Extra sprinkles for everybody!


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