You KNOW This Power Point Presentation Exists Somewhere

Technique A:

The "Decorative Candy Drizzle Embellishment"

Step 1. Hold container in hand:


Step 2. Invert container:



Technique B:

The "Elegant Victorian Baroque Fine Lace Ornamentation"

Step 1. Hold piping bag over cake:


Step 2. Squeeze



Technique C:

The "Parisian Silk Corinthian Fancy Ribbon Embellishment"

Step 1. Hold ribbon over cake:


Step 2. Cut ribbon:



We trust these techniques will bring your cakes to new depths, bakers. Keep up the "good work."


Thanks to Anne Marie, Jill L., & Erin L. for proving it can always be worse - and when it comes to cakes, it probably will be.


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