Sunday Sweets Goes Pokémon

Unless you've been living in a Kimmy Schmidt-style bunker the past month, you've probably heard of Pokémon Go. Or you've noticed a lot more people wandering the streets at night, except in a less murder-y, more giggly kind of way.

I'm still resisting the siren call of capturing invisible battle monsters with my phone, but I must admit, my will is weakening. Soon I, too, shall succumb, and we can welcome our invisible (but adorable) battling overlords with these faaaabulous cakes:

(By Bea's Cakes)


I freely admit I know nothing here, but Google as my witness, I'm gonna try to get these names right:


(By Lovin Oven Cakery)

Not sure which I like more: this cake (the giant rose! The sprinkles edging!) or that catty death stare. Let's call it a tie. And then back away slowly.



(By Reddit user Bilubul)

I believe this little guy has a flaming tail in the game, so how clever is this?? Plus he's my favorite color. And adorable.



(By Bake-a-Boo Cakes)

Hang on, there's a Pokémon who sits around napping and eating cake? I THINK I FOUND MY SPIRIT POKÉMON.



(By MaxMoschen)

According to the Bloggess this is actually called Dead Fish, and I think she's bang on. But I kind of want to hug him? Or dunk him in water? Or gnaw on his face? Feeling a little conflicted here.


Even we non-Pokémon peeps know Pikachu:

(By Cake Couture Designer)

I also spy a little Jiggly Puff, which - FUN FACT! - is also a term you should maybe not be Googling at work. Or around kids. Or without your Safe Search turned on. (Bet that leads to some fun parent/teen conversations.)


Here's an extra squee-worthy Pikachu, plus an Eevee:

(By Miki Suzuki)



Players are called Pokémon trainers, btw, and throw Pokéballs (those red and white things) to catch all their invisible creature overlords:

(By My Lil Cakery)

Love the silhouette and forced perspective.


There's also some kind of evolution thing that happens, so that cute little flaming Charmander up there can eventually turn into the vastly more intimidating Charizard:

(By Gina Rouchy) my favorite color combo! Yes!


Here's another cool Bulbasaur, whose rose hasn't opened up yet:

(By Andrea's Cakes)

I guess it's a late bloomer. (Eh? EH??)


(By Baking Obsession)


Hope you guys enjoyed the PokéSweets! Happy Sunday!

Note from john (the hubby of Jen)- I corrected the second name to Ivysaur. However, I also left the Epcot in the comments because every single one of you was polite in correcting me. This is the way the internet should be and I'm consistently proud of you readers for being awesome.


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