A Home Run For Parents

It's an immutable law of nature: parents have to embarrass their kids. HAVE TO.

So to show how hep and "with it" she was, Michelle asked the baker to write, "Happy 10th Birthday, Dude!" on her son's birthday cake.

And did that turn out well?

Well, DUH.

Oh hey, bonus poo palms! NOICE.

(I still use 'Dude' all the time, too, Michelle. SOLIDARITY.)


Or how about having your folks bring THIS in for the team picnic?

If you want to give yourself a headache, try to figure out what (if anything) is written on the wood.

Then try to resist making an in inappropriate "wood" joke in front of a bunch of Little Leaguers.
Because OMG SO HARD. (Sorry. Made one anyway.)


All I know about this last one is "they asked for skulls," so for maximum funsies, lets assume a goth teen asked for this awesome skull cake:


...but then her well-meaning but slightly clueless parents brought this to the party instead:

"Look, honey, skulls! Just like you asked!"


"Do you want to invite your little friends over for cake now?"



Thanks to Michelle R., Kourtney G., & Marick S. for reminding us all of that time our parents did that thing that scarred us forever, but that we can laugh about now, because *OUR* parents couldn't post about it on Facebook. MWAHAHAAAAA.


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