9 Times Strategic Thinking Really Paid Off

As you know, September is International Strategic Thinking Month, so while we hang our Strategic Stockings and hum the Strategery anthem, let's take a quick break for cake... strategically.


1: Is your handwriting too big?


2: Too small?


C: Did you start too high?


D: Or too drunk?


5: Do you need to break up a word with a dash?


F: Did you put the emPHAsis on the right syLAble?


VII: Do you know how balloons work?


XVII: Are you feeling dizzy?


And if all else fails, remember: with a little strategic thinking you can print your cake design, thereby eliminating the chance of any... uh... oh.

[side eye]



Thanks to Anony M., Mark T., Lori T., Kelly M., Dan F., Gabrielle, Erin V., Anony M. & Amanda M. for planning ahead - but next time we'd prefer a hand.


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