Piratey Skullduggery

It's Talk Like A Pirate Day, minions, but I really don't know much about bandwidth or encoding or seeding bitcoin frame rates, so I'm afraid I can't hook you up with free GoT downloads.


But I CAN show you how not to draw a skull and crossbones:

See, as a rule, you don't want knitting needles stuck in a bicycle seat.

But I'll admit the rules here are more like "guidelines."


What's that? You want the redhead?

Drink up, me hearty; he'll look better that way.


And speaking of really bad eggs:

X marks the spot where the evil egghead hovers.


Remember, if there's ONE thing Pirates like, it's bad puns, numbering things, and the letter...


Pirates also like to growl. And snowflakes. And... running in circles? Look, pirates like a lot of things, OK? Pirates have layers. Like an onion. Or chip dip. Or a big floofy skirt. Or... dang, can't think of anything else.


Thanks to Bailey G., Alison W., Robin H., & Christi for not giving me a SINGLE opportunity to make a good "seamen" joke. What kind of minions are you, anyway?


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