Our Childhoods, Cake Wrecked

I'll admit it, the fastest route to my wallet is straight through Nostalgia Land.

Yep, I will gleefully buy just about anything with the Stay Puft Marshmallow man on it, or Little Twin Stars, or baby Donald Duck. I'm also a sucker for Muppets and 90s cartoons.

But I gotta say, bakers, if you're going to prey on our devotion to childhood characters, it helps if we can at least RECOGNIZE them.

You know, like this:


Not this:


And like this:


Not this:


Something kind of like this?


...but not at all like this:


And finally, just as a reminder, Curious George is a playful little monkey:


...not the traumatized pig-man who will be haunting our dreams tonight:


Thanks to Dan B., Trish F., Leighanne M., & Ashley K. for bringing to mind that age old question: why DOES pig-man have a shiny black horn on his head?


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