I Got A Super Bowl Fever, And The Only Prescription Is MORE CAKE

Don't cry because it's over, minions:

Be HAPPY because it's over.


By "it" I of course mean that ludicrous display last night, wherein the team with the leaping cat logo:

(Aw, he's wearing lil' red boxer shorts!)

...played some other team whose logo isn't wrecked nearly as often.


Seriously, look at this thing:

Da heck?


I had to look up the real graphic just to see how many drugs these bakers were taking.



All the drugs.


Fun Fact: As I write this the game is actually still going on; I only stopped to watch a little of Lady Gaga's warm-up act (C-, no dancing, would not watch again), then lost interest after her part (which was awesome) was over.

John seemed to actually like the boring non-fireworks parts, though, and took it upon himself to explain some of the game to me while I waited for Gaga and asked perfectly pertinent questions like, "What's with the butt flap towels?" and "Why is that guy wearing a fanny pack?" and, just to prove I wasn't ONLY staring at tight ends, "How long NOW 'til half time?"

Anyway, I don't remember much, but I'm pretty sure this is a line of scrimmage:

It's virtually projected on the field, though, so basically the whole game is a lie.


And this is what the players yell at Tom Brady when his back is turned:

I'm sure they mean it with love.


And finally, THIS is the way to get me more interested in sports:

It's what's for dinner.


Thanks to Alicia B., Drea C., Michele L., Paul L., Kari M., Mindy A., & Robert B. for helping us all... have a ball.


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