These Chicks Are TOAST

SHHHHH. Listen.

Do you hear that?


The bunnies... are coming.


And they've got a name with your bullets on it.

("Isn't that supposed to be the other way arou...?"


The bunnies will rip you from your shells!


Or smoosh you down INTO them really hard!

Which is super uncomfortable!


The bunnies have 'UUUGE pointy teeth.


And they stare at you like this when you ask how their day was:

So awkward.

Then they eat your soul.


But don't worry; they always go after the hot chicks first.

So what are you, a chicken?


Then you can go first.



Thanks to Anneke D., Daniel C., Renae S., Ranae W., Emily S., Samantha S., Jessica & David, Caitlin W., Mai A., & Amada W. for that shining example of why you never put cute things in pairs holding hands.


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