Sunday Sweets Flutters On By

I'm not going to make a single Butterfly Kisses reference today, cake fans. That's my gift to you.

Well, in addition to all this rainbow butterfly goodness:

(By Martha Stewart)

Mmm, rainbow goodness. I love they they're all different sizes and styles.


Vintage illustration style pretties:

(By Gateaux Inc.)


And one giant pretty:

(By The Hobby Baker)


Here's a delicious Art Deco vibe:

(By Cinzia D'Adamo Cakes)

Look how the gold scroll-work bridges the tiers! So cool.


I'm completely smitten with this flying frames design:

(By Sprinkle Bakes)

COMPLETELY. Such a fun idea!


And this one has a gothic elegance to it:

(By Torty VIZ)

Those little red hearts add just the right touch.


Some of my favorite colors happening here:

(By The Chocolate Strawberry)

I like how the branches form a frame. So sweet!


Ooh, now here's some advanced cakey architecture:

(By The Cake Studio of Ocean City)

Flower topiary! It *does* have butterflies, but I'll admit I'm mostly loving those white poppies - which probably aren't even poppies, because I'm bad with flower names. Still. SO PRETTY.


Allow me to make up for the less-than-overwhelming number of butterflies on that last one with this:

(By Tortentante)

Butterfly overload! And they're making a heart! Ah!


K, one last rainbow pretty for you:

(By McGreevy Cakes)

They're even flying right off the cake! And look - the rainbow rain has dripped on to the cake stand.
So cute.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


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