Sunday Sweets: Rich & Rustic Autumn Jewels

Orange is my favorite color, so I am ALL about Fall, y'all.

It's not just the warm colors, though; I love rich jewel tones and gleaming metallics:

[By Arte & Sabor in Costa Rica]


Not to mention the natural touches of tree bark and dried leaves:

[By Bellaria Cake Design in the Netherlands]

It's all so elegant, but manages to feel welcoming at the same time - like a warm hug that smells of spices and rain. Mmmm.


Check out this gilded beauty with her sugar marble base:

[By Have Some Cake in the UK]

Fit for an Autumn Queen!


This mossy number has the sweetest succulent accents:

[By Chiki New York]

I love how bright and modern it is - and those curled ferns!


Have you noticed all the pale aqua touches in the Fall decor hitting stores right now? It's so unexpected, but I freaking love it. Especially when you pair it with copper or warm golds, like this:

[By Sonja Mclean, who has a tutorial here!]

Hnnnng. So good.


Check out the hanging wedding rings on this cutie:

[By Asli of Mutlu Gün Kurabiyecisi in Turkey]

D'awww. So fun!


Autumn needs more purple, right? Especially purples like this?

[By Nix Kitchen in Malaysia]

Those greenery swags make the whole cake!


I need to see someone slicing through this sugar "bark"; it looks too real!

[By That Little Cake Place in the UK]

WOWIE. I just... I just want to poke it.


Oooh, these rough scraped metallics are speaking to my soul:

[By Have Some Cake in the UK]

Those red streaks? And the way the gold blends right into the cake board? And just, you know, all of it? ::knowing nod of extreme approval::


This last one is definitely filled with Autumn Magic, gang, because it is straight up levitating:

[By Shelby Elizabeth Cakes in Texas, featured here.]

I'll just be over here collecting my jaw off the desk.

I hope these made you smile! Happy Sunday!


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