FYI: The Halloween Ghosts Are Coming Along Swimmingly


Just a PSA to let you know your friendly neighborhood wreckerators have been MOST productive this week.

Check out what's "Coming Soooooon."

(It's actually supposed to read "Boooo," but my version is way scarier when you throw sperm into the mix, am I right?)


(Granted, almost EVERYTHING edible is scarier when you... sorry. I'll stop now.)

Yeah. My thoughts exactly, little guys.
(Look at their little arm floaties! D'awwwww. So adorable.)


Of course, as we ladies know, it only takes one:

Ghost, that is.

You know, to scare you.

It only takes one ghost to scare you.

Because these are all TOTALLY ghosts we're talking about.

Right, guys?

"Yep, only ghosts here!"

"We're super scary!"


"Anyone seen any giant bubbles we can head-butt really hard?"



Thanks to Bethany E., Erin W., Jen N., & Jennifer K. for the weirdest sex ed class ever.


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