All Intensive Purposes

It turns out there are some expressions people get wrong ALOT.

So as a public service, here's an easy guide to help you use those phrases correctly. After all, we'd hate to see you...

...hoisted by your own Picard.


Let's begin!


An irrelevant argument is a "moot point."

Whereas a cow giving directions is a "moo point."


When you want to end something before it has a chance to start, you "nip it in the bud."

Not the butt. And technically, I think those should be snipped.

(While we're at it, it's the "repository of knowledge," NOT "suppository.")


It's "I couldn't care less," not "I could care less."
But if you're still confused, try drawing a picture:

See how visuals can clear things up?


While we're on the subject, it's "exact" revenge, not "extract."

Either way, though, mission accomplished.


Never use "irregardless."

...unless it's part of the sentence, "Though she knew it would make her guests sick, she ordered the ear, regardless."


The old-fashioned curse is pronounced "doggone."
So try to avoid any versions rated "Arf."

Bow chicka BOW WOW.


And finally, when you really mess something up, you "wreak havoc," not "wreck" it.


Or on second thought, "wreck havoc" is perfect.


Thanks to Kelli G., Nikki D., Jenny C., Sherrie, Kathy S., Anony M., Megan N., and Frank W., who we would NEVER take for granite.


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