Just one week left 'til Christmas (!!), and the wrecks you guys are sending in just keep getting more bizarre by the day:


Snowman? Santa? Disco sheep? Marshmallow-covered Walter Peck? 




 "...and all the acid rain and pollution seeped into Frosty's body, turning him into a petrified statue of ash, all because someone didn't take out the recycling when his parents asked.  





Is this:

A) The Eye of Sauron 

B) A taco wearing a corset 

C) The Eye of Sauron wearing a corset


D) Real life?


You might think the simplest, easiest option would be an elegant red bow on a plain white cake.


But, CLEARLY, you would be wrong.

 (What did the baker use for a piping tip? His teeth?)


This next one is tentacly titled "I'm dreaming of a Cthulhu Christmas."

Darkly dreaming, of course.


Wondering what those are supposed to be? So was I, until Sarah sent in this photo from a different store:

Now I'm REALLY curious.

 (Yes, yes, I know it's supposed to be a tree. I just refuse to accept it.)


And finally, a little holiday math for you:






Angels we have heard below

Softly singing "oh-hh noooOooo!"


Thanks to wreckporters Elizabeth T., Tina, Gene H., Jill W., Billy G., Sarah L., & Amy V.


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