Sunday Sweets Celebrates Mer-May!

I follow a lot of artists on Instagram, and I've been loving the "Mer-May" art prompt this month. So many mermaids in every conceivable art style - except, hang on, where are the CAKES?

Now there's an art style we can sink our teeth into.

So hold on to your foot fins, beautiful land mermaids, because I went fishing... and found 10 Mermaid Cakes that are Sweet as shell.


By Little Cherry Cake Company in England

Looove these colors; who knew minty blue and lavender would work so well together?


Oh! And I'm adding something new to Sweets: When possible, I'm going to tell you guys where each bakery is located. I've always found it fascinating how Sweets are from all around the globe, so I thought you might, too. (I still include Sweets hobby bakers, though, so not everyone will have a location listed.)

The most popular "mermaid" cakes right now focus on their better halves:

By Cocoa Lane Sweeterie in Ontario

I think the tails are cute. Bottoms up!


This one looks like a giant mound of glitter, and I approve:

By C&C Cakes & Co, but I can't find their website. Help?

Where's Tamatoa singing "Shiny" when you need him?


Check out the perfect ombre fade on these scales:

By Cake Central User Maris Paris, design by Marinold Cakes


Speaking of scales, this one's a little more abstract - but I am SO HERE for the floating hair and watercolor effect:

By Cake Studio Rouge in Serbia

Positively dreamy - look at the water bubbles on the cake board!


Low-key plotting to steal this crown so I can wear it:

By Good Gosh Ganache in Texas


Of course we can't talk about mermaids without including everyone's favorite redhead:

By Antonella di Mana Torte & Design in Sicily

Ariel! And she's never looked cuter.


I love this version of the Little Mermaid, too:

A Cakeheads collaboration by McGreevey Cakes in Pennsylvania, using the art of Alicechan


If you're looking for a shiny-but-subtle mermaid cake, how about this jaw-dropping single tier?

By Rosie's Dessert Spot, who has a Youtube tutorial on how to make your own!


More gorgeous watercolors:

By Nevie Pie Cakes in England

My favorite color combo! And I like how they're stacked like a 3D paper-cutting.


And finally, this one has a little of everything:

By Lynette Brandl in London

My favorite part is the ruffly "waves." So clever!


Happy Mer-May and happy Sunday, everyone!


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