Flight Of The Pee-Pee Knees

Somehow Connie's friend ended up with the nickname "Pee Knees," and I think I speak for us all, Connie, when I say we don't need that back story.

Still, you know what's worse than being nicknamed "Pee Knees"?

When your baker rises to the occasion and bursts forth in gloriously misapplied phonics:

In her defense, it IS pretty hard.

To spell, I mean.


Hey Connie, were there also cake pops?

'Cuz I bet these would fit right in.



Your Number One Fan:

...giving you the finger.

(Hang on, that was seriously for a one-year-old? WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?!)

[Unintentional pun heyooooooo]


Thanks to Connie S., Darla S., & Jess H. for making my double entendres count.


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