Sunday Sweets For Avengers: Infinity War

You guys, I think I'm the only one left who hasn't seen Infinity War.

But no matter!

From everyone's Facebook reactions I already know it's a lighthearted, leisurely romp that I think takes place on the beach? Because there's sand everywhere?

Anyhoo. The point is you don't need the plot to want to gnaw on Thor's hammer here:

(By Shams D in South Africa)

And for those of you who were expecting a sugar sculpture of Chris Hemsworth: SHAME ON YOU.



That's this one:

(By Elena Serena Michelizzi in Italy)


I am excited about the Guardians of the Galaxy meeting the Avengers, though:

(By My Sweet Dream Cakes in Western Australia)

In my dream casting Baby Groot plays every role, just dressed up in different outfits.


Plus there's Black Panther!

(By Lamara Cakes in Nigeria)

I love this combination of a traditional African design with his face mask. So, so gorgeous.


I like the newest Spider-Man almost as much as I like this cake:

(By Starry Delights in Nottingham, UK)

The shading really makes it.


I heard a rumor Hawkeye is NOT in Infinity War, which is a shame because his arrows look great holding up Thor's cape:

(By Bee Sweet Bakery in France)


And you've really got to hand it to this next design:

(By Something Sweet in Pennsylvania)

Hulk's hands coming through the base to hold up ANOTHER cake board? I approve.


Oh, and does it get any cuter than Deadpool riding a unicorn?

(By Letterpress Bakery in Vancouver)



Last weekend John and I were at MegaCon here in Orlando (Shameless Plug: go see my photos!), and there was a hilarious trend of every Marvel character wearing their own Infinity Gauntlet.

Personally I'd like my gauntlet made out of cake:

(By Imgur user flashbackjon and his wife)

All the infinity stones are lit up! And yes, it's really cake!


Of course I can't include EVERY character from Infinity War here... or can I?

(By Vereen Tjoeng of Delightfully Cake in Bandung, Indonesia)

BOOM. There they are. Thanks, Vereen!


Have a Sweet Sunday, everyone!


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