The All-Purpose Cake Wrecks Apology Post

Greetings, offended party!

If you've been directed to this link it's because your friend/SO/boss/family member/baker/etc feels badly about that thing they did, and they want to make it up to you. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be apologized to in the sweetest, most personalized way possible.


Hi, person whose feelings I care about.

Or, "Crislian." (Fun Fact: That's how they say your name in Denmark!)


Listen, remember when I did/said that thing? The thing that was maybe not so great in relation to your feelings/situation?

This is just an example. Our thing is way worse, I know.

(Besides, we both know EVERY boby loves you.)


Anyway, so I did/said the thing, and I was all:


And then YOU were all:


Which made me TOTALLY:

Because I never meant to be mean like that - not when there are so many OTHER ways I could be mean, am I right? Eh? EH? Heyoooo

Oh, too soon for jokes? Cool, cool, you're totally right.

Um, moving on...

Look, let me get to the point.

I know you like dinosaurs.

Also I'm sorry.

But just in case you don't believe me, I got you this:

It's a picture of a cake.

I hope you like it.

But in case you don't, I also got you this one:

Which has a little something for everyone, IF you know what I mean.

Heyoooooo oh. Still too soon? Right. Sorry.




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