Sunday Sweets: Half And Half

We're getting the ultimate twofer this week, cake fans, because today is all about half-and-half wedding cakes! You know, the ones that are Traditional in the front, Party in the back?

[By Just Simply Delicious in North Carolina]

It's like a mullet, only not in every conceivable way. Because it's awesome.

I like the trend of putting these in front of mirrors, so the fun side peeks out in the reflection. Such a cool surprise for the guests!


This idea first took off with half-chocolate cakes - essentially combining the traditional Groom's cake with the wedding cake - and that style is still pretty popular:

[By Beckaboo's Cakes in Virginia]

I loooooove this soft draping effect; like a pretty cloth laid over a chocolate cake!


My Spidey sense are tingling with this one:

[By Kimmy Cakes Couture Cake Design in the UK]

Those lines are so clean and perfect!


This couple's wedding topper gives a strong hint as to what's on the other side:

Hogwarts! And they're riding Hagrid's motorcycle!

[By Sticky Sponge Cakes in the UK]


This one actually made me gasp:

[By Cakes By Nicola, but I can't find the right website for her. Anyone know?]

The right half is empty air! And it's lit up! Not only is this a STUNNING piece of cake art, it's also a brilliant (pun intended) way to make a smaller cake look twice its size. Wow. So, so good.


Now back to geeky stuff:

[By Zoey's Bakehouse in India]

Check out that torn away fondant for the transition - love that.


Another fantastic topper on this Batman wedding cake:

[Baker Unknown, anyone recognize it?]


But Superman has to get his turn!

[Baker Unknown. Help?]

Swooning for all that gleaming silver.


Here's a transition I never would have thought of: popcorn!

[By Kingfisher Cakes in North West England]

How cute is this? I hope they had a whole movie theme with the wedding.


And finally, perhaps the most quintessential "His and Hers" design:

[By Mirtha's P-arty Cakes in Shropshire, UK]

These details make my jaw drop. The tiny beads! The watch chain! The boutonniere! Absolute perfection, no two ways about it. ;)


Hope you all enjoyed! Happy Sunday!


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