New Year's Evolution

New Year's Eve, 3PM:

"Ermagosh, Becky, tonight is going to be SO FUN."


New Year's Eve, 8PM: 



New Year's Eve, 10PM:



New Year's Day, 12:05AM:

[singing] "May OLD reclaim tests BE for GOD, and HAVE her brought to...



New Year's Day, 12:30AM:

[rolling on floor] "I'm going to THROW UP, and then I'm gonna DIE!"


This Morning:

Happy New Year, everyone. I recommend coffee. And a mop.


Thanks to Anne B., Mary Beth H., Jenn K., ZC, Bethany G., & Mathea T., who's pretty sure that pile came from the other end, but how often do I get to use Grinch quotes in here? NOT ENOUGH, that's how many.


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